PLG Garden Hose Repair Fittings- Male


  • Heavy Duty Metal Garden Hose End: Premium Zinc Clamps and Aluminium Alloy Male Coupling, Fits 5/8-Inch Garden Hose,3/4 GHT Connection, Female Hose Quick Connector. Some customer feedback that the clamps fit either 3/4″ hose (thin-walled)—-It depends on the inside diameter of the hose.
  • Male Garden Hose Connector, Solid Metal Aluminum body + Stainless Steel Clamp
  • Great for Repairing Damaged or Torn Water Hoses, Hose end, Replacement, fittings
  • Leak-Proof, for the end of the hose that connects to your faucet, hose splitter, Y hose connector, hose nozzle, sprayer, jet sweeper